Process of reducing Polish taxes. Foreign companies.

spółki zagraniczne

Foreign companies are legal subject of reducing taxes in Poland. In view of tax regulations applied in many countries, entrepreneurs are able to legally reduce taxes of some kinds of transactions Our office is working out tax strategies, conceptions of creating, establishing and using offshore companies, and we also create and establish those companies in chosen countries.

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Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing

In Poland compiling documentation of transfer pricing is a duty of many companies, especially for companies with capital of foreign investor. Transfer Pricing Documentation is compiled by companies concluding agreements, contracts and performing act of selling or purchasing goods and services from tied and connected companies. Ties and connections causing obligation of compiling documentation of transfer pricing have capital character – by shares, or personal – by persons and their relatives, who are shareholders or member of company’s authority.

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Tax Audit and Cost Audit

audyt podatkowy

Tax and cost audit is an analysis extremely needful to every entrepreneur. Our audit rely on review as well as formal and intentional analysis targetted  of agreements, contracts, invoices, amount dues and financial commitments, debts and other company’s papers and documents.

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