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Experience of foreign entrepreneurs in Poland is divided into two stages:

  1. Stage of beginners in business in Poland, searching for contractors and partners, participation in fairs and exhibitions in Poland, establishing the company, searching for the staff, entering into the market, starting of production and selling,
  2. Stage of running stable business and gaining profits and transferring profits out from Poland. Stage of beginners in business is extremely important, in this stage usually it comes about to crisis which causes necessity of stopping investments and withdraw from Poland, often with big financial loss.

Lawyers know (as experienced), that foreign investments in Poland ended up as a failure and withdraw are results and consequence of mistakes in choosing Polish business partner, wrong type of a company, wrong planning of money cash flows, staff and business partner frauds. Decision of withdraw from Poland falls after making the investor aware of lack of sense in carrying on the business.                                    
Amazement and additional frustration of investors withdrawing from Poland is provoked by confrontation with Polish law system for business and Polish judiciary.                        
That is why extremely important for starting business in Poland, especially at the beginning,  is support of experienced law offices, which will treat every foreign investor seriously and responsibly.                            

Our lawyers office will frankly prepare any information about business in Poland. We choose type of company, point ways of transferring the capital and profits, give opinion about choosing business partners and staff.                
Moreover, on every stage our office may do bookkeeping of your company in Poland, balances and financial statements and analyses may be hand over to foreign owners.
Our office:

  1. Establishes new companies.
  2. Transforms, joins and divides existing companies.

Every transformation process we carry on in two purposes. We want to improve on efficiency of your business activity and reduce your taxes.

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