Tax law

In Poland tax law is very hard business and a very difficult branch, complicated law system and unusual procedures. Nevertheless tax law is essential for every entrepreneur.
TDP’s office provides tax advising services in three most important categories:

1.    Consultations in view of tax law concerns business activity;
2.    Representing and support in front of tax authorities;
3.    Representing in courts in tax cases;

Consultations in range of tax law for company is: providing and compiling information, explanations, opinions concerns any tax case, and also creating any agreements as well as contracts.

Power of Attorney, representation and assistance before tax authorities in particular relates to tax audits.  In all procedures we substitute for the company directly before authorities, prepare all pleadings and realize the strategy agreed together with the client. The control and all kinds of contacts with Polish tax authorities are very specific and without specialized knowledge and experience the company looses each dispute. Support of a professional tax adviser is priceless in Poland.

Power of Attorney, representation in Courts in tax issues means: preparing pleadings and representing the company in Court suits.  In Poland  tax jurisdiction is separted from common jurisdiction.
TDP Office uses moderate prices which are based on settlements of working time devoted to the client.

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